About Short Opportunities

Don't spend hours searching for something to do. Find the right opportunities here during a gap time.

Due to COVID-19, many recent graduates, students, and many more are looking for short-term opportunites. While other job sites exist, they are hard to navigate for only short-term positions and do not offer other opportunites such as volunteering, non-profit, and teaching opportunites.

This is the sentiment I've heard from my close friends, classmates, Linkedin feed, and Slack channels. Currently, several companies have postponed their start dates including: Linkedin BLP,Deloitte Consulting,Oliver Wyman, McKinsey & Company,Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group. These positions now start late Fall 2020 or early Spring 2021. Yet, the impact is so much larger as many others face delays or unemployment.

Short Opportunities is for you. Whether your start date has been postponed, you are anxious about the upcoming semester, or just want to pivot into a new role. We are here for you. We are also excited to share other exciting opportunites from non-profits, startups, universities, winieries, fellowships and more. We hope to be a central source for these organizaitons to reach more people.

Now for some details. 1. We don't scrape data. Everything is submitted by a real person. This helps us know that our job postings are active and real. 2. We don't receive any percentage of commission. We just want to help you find something to do :)

Happy searching! If you have any feedback, fill out this form or join our Facebook Group to connect.
Best,Martha Czernuszenko
Special Thanks to Our Collaborators: Pooja Trivedi, Emma Stoverink, Michael Okwilagwe
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